If you have gained any experience in ski touring, but you would like to extend your skills related to secure moving in the mountains in the winter season we invite you to our trainings in avalanche skills. The experienced instructors, such as the Tatra Mountains guides and rescuers of TOPR (Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue) will teach you how to handle the Avalanche Safety Gear, assume a risk of avalanche flow and select an appropriate trail of the trip in order to reduce the above mentioned risk. Just join us and see how beautiful are the Tatra Mountains in the winter.

The programme includes:

  • basic information about avalanches and a code of behaviour applicable in the mountains
  • exercises with the Avalanche Safety Gear (detector, probe, shovel ) – learning how to handle it properly and practical exercises
  • knowledge about avalanches illustrated on the example of the surrounding area


Duration of the training

Approximately 4-5 hours

Please note: You should also take into account that our trainings or the trip can be extended; they can last maximum about 1 hour more.


Where does it take place:

The avalanche trainings take place in Hala Kondratow


Costs and reservation:

45euro/person – 4h training

65euro/person – 4h training + renting skitour equipment

75euro/person – 4h training + renting skitour equipment + avalange equipment

Remember: This is exemplary calculation for 4 hours course for 4 persons. Write to us and we will create training based on your requirements.

Meeting place:

“Tatra Trade” Ski Rental located in a large building near Rondo Kuźnickie (You can also find in it: Alpin Sport shop, Tatrzański Bar Mleczny (Tatras Dairy Bar) “Wolf Trail” Ski Rental), The entrance to the ski rental is on the right side of the building. It is preferred to leave a car on the parking lot at Bronisław Czech Street (it is the street that goes from Rondo Kuźnickie towards the ski jump), and from there go to the “Tatra Trade” Ski Rental on foot.


What should you take with you (it’s not necessary but it’s our recommendation):

  • backpack (with such a capacity that you fit all in it), with a capacity of approx. 25-30l
  • helmet
  • warm ski clothes (jacket and pants)
  • something to eat (bar of chocolate/fruit/sandwich)
  • something to drink (tea or other beverage)
  • light jacket of Goretex or Primaloft type – during the ascent can be quite warm, so that is good to have any lighter clothing to put on you, and it is preferred to leave the warm clothing for the training time and the downhill travel
  • sunglasses
  • gogles
  • gloves – one lighter pair for the ascent and the warmer one for the exercises and downhill
  • cap/beanie
  • multifunctional scarf of Buff type – it works better during the ascent, because it lighter that the cap/seamed cap
  • comfortable socks
  • thermo-active underwear